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Detox The Healthy Way

You are probably aware of your body's need to detox...

But do you know how to actually do it?

Safely? Naturally? Easily?

If you're confused about detox diet plan and how to
do it "the healthy way", don't feel bad. No one
has ever taught us how to do this cleansing
and natural process in a safe and gentle way that
is in harmony with our bodies.

If you've never learned how to detox the healthy
way, then now is your chance to get the information
you need to start detoxing and healing your body
from the inside-out.

I'm going to be sharing my best diet and lifestyle
tips on how to detox your body, mind, heart, spirit,
and environment.

There are detox tips that you can start using right
away (like that very same night!) to start detoxing
all the toxic build-up inside of you. Here is the link to
detox diet website which you can start instantly.



Detox Your Body Naturely (Part 4) - Your Breath

Your Breath

This is something that no one really talks
about - your breath is an effective method for
detoxing the body...

In fact, it's the MOST effective because you
are breathing all the time whether you are
aware of it or not.

Let's do an exercise really quickly...

Bring your awareness to your breath right now.

Just watch it.

Is it shallow?

Is it deep?

Is it loud?

Is it soft?

Just listen to it... and watch it.

Okay, now did you notice how by just watching
your breath, you started to breathe deeper?...

Isn't that cool?!

Your breath is something that the Yogis call
a "link" between the un-conscious and conscious.

The breath is both.

You breathe UN-consciously all the time - meaning,
you don't have to think about it to happen.

But as soon as you shine your light of awareness
on the breath, it shifts over into your CONSCIOUS
state of awareness.

And that means you then have CONSCIOUS control
over what your breath can do.

So why would this happen?

Well, your breath WANTS you to be aware of it.

Your breath WANTS to work for you.

Your breath WANTS to go deeper and deeper and
fill you up more and more with every INHALE.

And with every EXHALE your breath will
release and carry out anything that is harming

Maybe you remember that from your high school
biology class - we INHALE oxygen for life energy, and
we EXHALE carbon dioxide as waste.

Well there is a lot more to this "waste" than
just carbon dioxide.

With every EXHALE you are releasing and getting
rid of every thing that is hurting and poisoning
your body.

And what does this remind you of?...

Sounds a lot like detoxing, right?

Well, it is!

Your breath is ALWAYS detoxing and cleansing
your body.... even right now as you're reading this.

By using your CONSCIOUS control of your breath,
your breath can go DEEPER and CLEANSE your body more

This is why there are so many systems that use
the breath for purification and relaxation.

There are hundreds of breathing exercises in the Yoga
system, and Tai Chi, Zen Meditation and lots of ancient
practices use the breath to explore life on a deeper level.

Is that just a coincidence?...

Or could it be that it actually works?!

We can live for weeks without food, days without
water... but you can only live for a few minutes
without a breath.

Your breath carries the life energy that you
need at every moment.

Your breath is your best friend.

It is always with you.


Detox Your Body Naturely (Part 3) - Yoga


Yoga is an ancient system that came from the
mountains of the Himalayas - the tallest mountain
range in the world.

Perhaps there is something "different" about
the energy in these mountains because it INSPIRED
the people living there to find ways to open
their bodies as much as possible and "bring in"
the healing energy that was surrounding them.

The good news is that this healing energy is
not just in the crystal clear mountain air...

It is also surrounding YOU.

Right now.

When you practice yoga, you are "opening"
yourself to receive this healing energy.

It's like taking a soiled and twisted up sheet
and hanging it outside to dry in the breeze and


When your body is "twisted up" it gets stuck.

It can't clean itself or bring in the vital,
healing life energy that is all around you.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 8 years
and it continues to amaze and astound me how
powerful AND gently nurturing it is all at the
same time.

Yoga is a part of my daily life. Now, that's not to
say that I go to a class every day, but I do
SOME kind of yoga postures daily.

And that's the best thing about yoga, is that
once you learn a few of the basic postures, you
can do it anywhere and at anytime - you don't need
a gym membership or any special equipment... you
don't even need a mat.

I can tell when my body needs Yoga. My lower
back starts to hurt, my thoughts are negative and
I feel "tight" all over.

I'll just take 5 minutes to connect to my
body and my breath, and do a few yoga postures.

Then I feel open, happy and alive.

It's great for cleansing out the internal organs
because you are sending the healing energy
of the universe deep down inside of you where you
need it most.

I highly suggest you start learning some Yoga
postures to do on your own and incorporate into
your daily life.

The best way to learn is by taking a class with
a certified Yoga teacher, but if that's not
available to you then either a DVD or a book will
also work.... (and I'm also working on creating my
own yoga videos soon!)

But here's the most important part for natural,
internal cleansing...

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